1. Poster Title(s) and print sizes:  “Portrait of a Lady”
2. Date – Time – Location :  Bannack Ghost Town
3. Camera, Mode, F-stop, Shutter Speed:  Canon, Evaluative Metering Mode & Manual White Balance, F-Stop of 5.0 and Shutter Speed of 1/50.
4. All Edits:  I used the spot healing brush, clone stamp and blur tool under the eyes  to take wrinkles away and soften using the blur tool.  I tried to burn in red highlights to her hair, but it looked fake, so I stepped backward and undid it.
5. Why you chose this image(s), and explain your photographic and editing techniques.
I  chose this image because the woman was posing and having a good time.  I like how I had framed her in the picture on the right and included her Snowy-white wrap on the left.  She appears to be relaxed.






New Pictures














High Dynamic Range

Best of Bannack

These photographs and portraits were taken on May 25th in Montana at Bannack Ghost Town. 


I took this picture inside an old saloon with a shutter of 1/50 and aperture of 5.0.  I took several quick consecutive pictures and liked the way the model was positioned on the right hand side.  I added a new layer and changed hue/saturation levels to add red to her hair and the knotch in the background.

Action Freeze

The after shot has more vivid color because I changed Brightness and Contrast levels on a new layer.    By using a fast shutter of 1/500 I caught the guy in mid-air.  The sky is much brighter than the original picture due to changing color levels.

Action Freeze


Shallow Depth of Field

1.  This is my favorite after picture and I’m happy how I have added edits.  This took a lot of time for me to edit.  While bringing original color back I kept getting a weird orange tint on the piano and keys.  My effort at getting the keys to be blurry was used with an aperture of 2.7.   I like the how the lighting of the piano bench and window has good shadows by remaining black and white.  Since the piano is the focal point of the room I added color.



This picture was at 3pm inside the Saloon next to natural light.  I kept my ISO at 100 and changed it to Sepia.











Camera Raw & Panoramics

Camera Raw

Motorcycles:  I don’t have a Camera Raw setting on my camera, however I was lucky enough to be loaned a temporary camera from a classmate.  I took the motorcyle picture by the Stadium on Friday May 13th.  The Aperture was f/10.0, shutter 1/800.  taken 5/13/2011 at 2:04, ISO = 400.

Skin Boards:

I took this picture at Egin Lake near the sand dunes late afternoon on the 13th of May.  The Aperture is f/7.1, with shutter of 1/320, the IS0= 125. Edited in camera raw by changing hue, brightness, contrast and saturation levels.


This panoramic picture is actually three separate photographs merged together.  I used photo merge under the the file menu on Adobe Photoshop.  I really like this feature on Photoshop and plan on using it further in the future.

Flora & Fauna

Photography Post

1. Inside the Benson Building Greenhouse May 6th,2011 about 1:30. I set my aperture  to 3/5, shutter to 1/250 and ISO of 160.  I love how the variations in color compliment each other with warm orange chutes, cool green leaves and pink petals.  I still want to practice cut outs and think this an nice image to practice with.

2. The afternoon on May 6th I visited the Benson Building where I found a couple of greenhouses.  My Digital Camera was a Sony DCS-H20.  With a Landscape setting, I adjusted my shutter to be 1/10 with an aperture of 4.0.  The ISO was set to 80. I also changed the Brightness levels instead of using a flash.

3.  This was taken May 6th at 1:20.  I used an aperture of 3/5 and shutter speed of 1/250.  ISO was programmed to 250.

4.  I took several shots of this bird because he had a fun personality.  I used f/3.5 as my aperture and the shutter was quick at 1/400.  I took this picture around 2 pm Friday the 6th of May on campus.

Editing Post

1.  Ladybug:  First I Unsharpened the mask under the Filter menu. I used black paint on the leaf and ladybug to make them my focal point.  I wanted the background blurry and the focal point to be bright without looking too saturated or fake.  So I made the Hue +6,  Saturation -1 and Lightness -11.  Initially I made a thin black edge with Gaussian Blur, but changed it to have a thicker radius at 107.9 pixels.

2.  I took the picture on  5/6/11 in a Green house on campus.  Settings were f/4.0, shutter at 1/250, ISO of 200 and Exposure Compensation was set to 0.  I thought I wanted to make the background dark and have the bird bright. However, I chose to increase Hues and Saturation but keep the background a medium shade.  I made the parrot take up more of the image and took the lower window out of the image.  Also, I used the crop tool to make a black border and after a couple tries understood how to make my text more spaced with the Kerning tool.

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