Camera Raw & Panoramics

Camera Raw

Motorcycles:  I don’t have a Camera Raw setting on my camera, however I was lucky enough to be loaned a temporary camera from a classmate.  I took the motorcyle picture by the Stadium on Friday May 13th.  The Aperture was f/10.0, shutter 1/800.  taken 5/13/2011 at 2:04, ISO = 400.

Skin Boards:

I took this picture at Egin Lake near the sand dunes late afternoon on the 13th of May.  The Aperture is f/7.1, with shutter of 1/320, the IS0= 125. Edited in camera raw by changing hue, brightness, contrast and saturation levels.


This panoramic picture is actually three separate photographs merged together.  I used photo merge under the the file menu on Adobe Photoshop.  I really like this feature on Photoshop and plan on using it further in the future.


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