Photography Post

1. Image taken Thursday evening on April 28, 2011 about 6:15 in the Manwaring Center.  I chose to set my aperture at f/2.7 with 1/30 as my shutter speed.

2.  This vase is in the Crossroads.  I took the picture Thursday April 28, 2011 about 6:30pm.  I set my aperture to 2.7 and shutter to 1/10, with an Exposure Compensation to +2.

3.  This comfy couch was taken about 6pm on the BYU Idaho campus Thursday the 28th of April 2011.  My Aperture was programmed to 2.7 with a slow shutter of 1/30.  I like this setup with the table in the foreground, juice bottle and television in the background to add depth.

4.  This is as close to attending the concert as I could get this semester.  I took this near the Campus Library on April 28.  I dedicate this photo to unknown passerby who made the poster swing, helping me use a fast shutter speed of 1/250 and aperture of f/2.7.


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